Sunday, 18 May 2014

Great Manchester Run

So if you didn't know already, but I'm sure you do as I've not stopped talking about it on here for weeks, today I took part in the Great Manchester Run for VESL (to raise money to go to Thailand!).

It was the HOTTEST and longest run I have ever done but for those who are interested, I can proudly say I completed the 10k in 55 minutes and 13 seconds! Out of 40,000 people, I came in position 7542! I am so pleased with myself, it's a personal best for me - but to be honest, I'm glad to have finished regardless of the time, it just so hot!!

I am now off to put my feet up and enjoy an iced cold rekorderlig (whilst I stare at my medal haha, it has to be done right?)

Thank you for all of you who sent me messages of support - it really did spur me on! :-)



Yay!! Go Sam!! So proud of you for doing this :) And in a fantastic time too. Have you caught the running bug? xxx

Josie said...

You did amazingly well Sam, we're all SO proud of you! Just completing it would be an achievement but to do so in the time that you did and in this hot weather too is just fantastic! Make sure you treat yourself gurl! X

Josie’s Journal

hannah said...

Congrats again Sam, you did amazing!! I agree with Josie, I hope you're going to treat yourself! :) xxx

Lucie said...

Well down lovely!

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