Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Thailand Training & Home

Yesterday, I attended a 5 hour training session for my trip to Thailand this year. Everything I could possibly need to know was crammed into 5 hours, which makes for a pretty intense day really! It covered everything from insurance, places to visit, laws, how to actually teach and Thai culture! I even won a creme egg which made my day ;)

I learnt some pretty interesting (and vital) things about the culture and teaching. For example, you can't throw rice away, you can't touch people's heads, and you greet people with a bow. I have also realised that the majority of me 'lessons' will be singing songs and playing games - I think those are essential qualities for a teacher, don't you agree? ;) I can't say I feel prepared but I am certainly excited to go! Just being able to learn about a new culture and make a difference to children's lives has to be an invaluable and unforgettable experience! I was also officially told who my partner was - Issy from Life and Times of a student - and I'm so so happy because she is so lovely! We'd arranged to do the 10k Manchester Run together next month before knowing, so I'm so happy I'll be able to meet and get to know her a bit more before going :)

After the training session, my Mum came to pick me up! We stopped for dinner on the way back which was an early Birthday/late Mother's day kinda thing. It was actually quite nice (and rare) for it to just be me and her. Then finally, I arrived home for Easter! I'd say I was looking forward to a nice break, but what with my Birthday, training for the run and two exams to revise for, it's not looking very possible!

Still, it's nice to be back in my own bed :)


Josie said...

That's great you'll be going with someone you know! Glad you had some quality time with your mum, enjoy being at home! xxx

hannah said...

It does sound like your Thailand training was jam packed with information! It looks like you've made a note of it though, so hopefully you won't forget anything important :) it's weird because I never really think of how different cultures work because I suppose I don't have to, but when you're going to be living in Thailand and working there, it's pretty vital that you knew all of those things like not throwing rice away!! The lessons sound like they're going to be fun to teach, I bet you'll meet some lovely kids and have such a wonderful time :) I can't wait to hear all about it when you get back!! How lucky that you're partnered with Issy when you'll already have met her doing the Manchester Run! I hope you manage to get a bit of relaxation in during your time at home lovely xxx

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