Friday, 11 April 2014


Today is my 20th Birthday. The days approaching have left with me some what conflicting views but as of today, I could not be happier. It's a new decade, and one that I will NOT let an eating disorder ruin. Therefore, it started today.

I woke up and open my presents from my family (and some friends) with my Brother, before he went to 6th form. I was treated to some absolutely lovely presents including the Frozen DVD (which I absolutely love!), some new vans, a few clothing items and other bits and bobs! This was short lived though, as I had to get ready to meet my friend Beckie at the train station. As she lives in Manchester, she traveled to meet me and we then ventured to Birmingham for lunch and a spot of shopping. On the train I opened the BEST present ever - A GIANT MINION. (I know, I am now 20, but I shall always love disney/pixar films!).

My favourite place to eat is Yo Sushi, so this was the first stop. We had a few dishes but Beckie saw 'octopus balls' on the menu so decided that my 20th Birthday should include eating these - and so it did! We spent the afternoon shopping. I didn't buy much apart from a new necklace and a skirt for Thailand! We also stopped for a frozen yogurt treat just before coming back :-)

This evening, I have dined at pizza express and shared dessert with Beckie - something I've not done for maybe 3 years?! Ridiculous really when I write it down. It really has been one of the best celebrations in a long time. I do not care that I am no longer a teenager any more, but what I do care about is that I am alive and I am enjoying my life.



hannah said...

Congratulations and happy birthday!!! A new decade, a whole new decade of new chances, opportunities and good times! It sounds like you really did have the best birthday spent with your friend Beckie, I'm so glad you managed to enjoy it to the fullest and eat all of those delicious things! (Not so sure about those octopus balls, but I'll take your word on that one haha). I'm 25 and I still love Disney/Pixar/any films aimed at children haha :) xxx

What Taylor Buys said...

Happy birthday!!!

Josie said...

I'm so glad you had a wonderful day and that nothing ruined it! Sounds like your b-day was perfect and I am SO jealous of your minion haha! xxx

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