Sunday, 20 April 2014

Little things #5

I've not done one of these in a while, but I actually have two things that are worth noting. Firstly, I met a lovely friend this week for coffee, a manicure and lunch. As a self confessed nail varnish addict, it's only a crime really that I've never had gel nails before but now I have, and I love them! I opted for a pastel lilac as we are now well and truly into spring, but couldn't resist a hint of glitter!

Secondly, is Easter! My Mum actually did really well this year - I prefer little bits to a big egg, so I was so chuffed when I was handed a bag of Malteaster bunnies and Egg 'n' Spoons. My favourite though, are creme eggs - I'm addicted! - so I was glad my Nan slipped in a box ;) I think what I prefer most about this, is that my Mum actually listened to me! I remember last year, being more ill than I am now, and being faced with 3 giant eggs. It wasn't good!

I've spent my Easter doing Uni work but I think I've finally finished my FINAL assignment of this year. Obviously, I rewarded myself with chocolate ;)

Hope you all had a fabulous Easter!

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Josie said...

I haven't done a little things post for ages've just reminded me! Your nails look so pretty and I love Creme Eggs's a crime I haven't had one (or six) this Easter! xxx

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