Tuesday, 1 April 2014

1st April

Today is the beginning of yet another new month, and it has been rather beautiful really. I started my day by creating a new personal best in my running training, and came home to see that I've hit £500 towards my fundraising total for Thailand. I don't think many people were smiling as much as me at 9am this morning! 

From here on, I've been rather content all day really. The sun has been absolutely glorious, and although I wouldn't say I've been able to get rid of my winter coat, it's been so nice to actually soak up some Vitamin D! I even managed to wash my bedding - I think that's the ultimate domestic act for a student, right? It's definitely a sign of a good day in my books. I think the sunshine plays a huge part in how I style myself too. If the sun is shining, I actually feel like making an effort rather than just trying to retain body heat in huge chunky knitwear and boots. I walked to Uni with my Raybans and a statement necklace, and was genuinely just lovin' life (corny but true!).

I hope the 1st April is a mark to say the whole of April will be good. I have plans to meet new friends, attend a training session for Thailand, go home for Easter and say goodbye to my teenager years this month! 

It really has been a good day.

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Josie said...

It's been a fab start to April! Amazing how good the sun can make you feel. This month will be good to you because it's your burfday month! xxx

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