Monday, 17 March 2014

Time & Conversation

I think it has finally dawned on me that my second year at Uni is almost over. All I have left is 2 weeks this term, 3 weeks for Easter and then 2-3 weeks after Easter. That is all. 

I think time is flying faster than usual too because I really am so busy. I have two assignments due in on the 2nd April, which means I'm just drowning in books and journals. I am also continuing my volunteering work, my part time job, train for a 10k run, as well as trying to sort out my own health - 'pin cushion' is my new nickname, which is almost true considering the amount of blood tests and vaccinations I've had recently. I don't always think being busy is a bad thing though, quite the opposite really. It just takes more effort than usual, to give yourself a minute to actually stop, think and breathe!

I think today it hit me more, because we were handed information about our 3rd year dissertations. I have a vague idea on what I would like to do and who I want my supervisor to be, so after the talk I sent an email asking to speak to him. Within minutes, I was talking to him about diets, eating disorders and obesity, which are all of his areas of interest. I have no idea why, but I told him I was recovering from Anorexia (and have also been Obese) and we were there for 30 minutes just chatting away. Turns out he had Anorexia too! We spoke about carbs, diets, meat sweats, the media - it was the most surreal of conversations but it was completely natural. It's one thing I'm beginning to love about revealing my mental health status. It can sometimes bring two complete strangers together, and instantly develop a mutual respect and understanding for one another. He also recommended books for me to read, which I will most definitely do on payday! It was a very rare moment, but something I do love about the simple art of conversation. 

I'm also weirdly looking forward to my dissertation too - never thought I'd write that!

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Josie said...

That sounds like a really good convo you had, I don't know but I guess it must help talking to someone who has had similar experiences. Good luck with all your work, then you can get on with your exciting summer! xxx

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