Friday, 28 March 2014

March Reads

I've hardly read any books this month, in fact just reading this one has been a struggle! Firstly, it's so long (for me). It has 529 pages and I really only tend to stick to books that are 300-400 because I have the attention span of a fish. However, as I don't like not finishing a book, I've managed to slowly make my way through it!

Life After Life by Kate Atkinson
I chose this book after hearing so may great things about it. It's been number one in the Amazon charts, WHSmith charts and won awards in 2013, so I felt like it was worth taking a look at! I think I was drawn to it because I'd read that this book questions whether we would get things 'right' if we had the chance to start life again. So, the story is about a lady named Ursula Todd but details of her life just suddenly stop. The story begins again and again, each time her life changing either drastically or marginally. It is set mostly throughout the war period so is quite a serious book, which is probably why I, unfortunately, didn't enjoy it perhaps as much as I should have done. That being said, it is written beautifully - I just think it was a little too heavy for me to be reading whilst being swamped in assignments!

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Josie said...

This book sounds a little confusing to me haha! I just read Birdsong by Sebastian Faulks and thought it was beautiful, although terribly sad...not one to read if you're feeling down! xxx

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