Thursday, 13 March 2014

Little things #4

I know I say this every time on here, but my life is so busy right now, I genuinely don't know what day it is. However, I am a great believer in creating time - there is always time for the things that you want to do, or that are important to you. I thought when I entered the Manchester 10k run, I'd have no time to train but I have been getting up earlier - creating time. 

Work, Uni and assignments aside, on Sunday my Grandparents came up to visit me. My housemates had all returned home for the weekend, meaning I was alone, so it was nice to spend the day with some company. I took them into Liverpool on the train, and we spent hours looking for my Birthday present (which isn't until April but they wanted to get me something when they had me there to choose), and wandering the city.

We stopped at YoSushi for lunch, which is probably one of my favourite places! There is a new menu, so I tried to duck and hoisin salad, katsu prawns, and decided to have a dessert with my Grandad. This is probably extremely normal and trivial to most people, but I've not done this in so long so it was extra special to share the moment with him. We both opted for a warm banana and chocolate spring roll, with strawberry dipping sauce. It was so worth it!

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Unknown said...

This looks amazing, we'll definitely have to go to Yo Sushi when we go to Manchester! xx

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