Thursday, 6 March 2014

Fundraising Update

This week has been so unbelievably busy, I genuinely don't know where time has gone. On Sunday, I spent the entire day with 2 of my housemates, watching them bake cakes for a bake sale that they kindly held for me as I had lectures all day. I've said on here before, and will reiterate, I really do have the best friends. They managed to raise a lovely £50 for me towards my target, putting me now at £337.50 in just 3 weeks. Thank you, thank you, thank you to anyone who has donated. It really does mean the world to me :-) 

We celebrated this success, at my best friend's birthday meal. We went to the local pub for some food and drink, and we enjoyed each other's friendship and company. It felt good to actually be there with her, after everything she has done for me throughout my journey. Having a birthday meal with her felt like a huge way of saying thank you!

After this, I signed up for the Manchester Great Run (10k), to help me raise even more hopefully! This is huge for me, as I'm not really a runner. My biggest ever race has been the race for life 5k, so this is now double! Also, given my past, exercise is a risky topic but I can honestly say that I intend on fueling my body correctly so that I can raise money for VESL, and make my body stronger.

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hannah said...

I'm so happy for you Sam, you've raised so much in such a short space of time!! Keep up the good work lovely :) I wish I'd been able to attend the bake sale - can't beat a delicious homemade cake. How lovely of your friends to do that for you too! xxx

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