Sunday, 2 March 2014

A Sunday worth documenting

It's not very often that I actually spontaneously write about my day on this blog, but today has been a day that I want to remember. Tomorrow I am holding a bake sale at Uni, in hope to fund raise money for my trip to Thailand. I say I, what I should say is that two of my housemates are running the entire thing for me as I'm in lectures all day! I really do have the best set of friends in the entire world.

Therefore, they have spent the entire day baking and decorating cakes (whilst I've just watched from afar as I will simply ruin it!). My kitchen looks like a cake factory! We've had music playing, silly photos have been taken - and I also managed to conduct an interview for my lab report assignment - that's definitely productive in my books.

Here are a few photos from today - one of my favourite Sundays in a long time :)

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