Thursday, 13 February 2014

Little things #3

Coffee and cake: one of life's most simplest pleasures. It's one of those things you can enjoy as a treat whilst at your Nan's, visiting a friend, enjoying after a shopping trip or just having because you want to.

Coffee and cake: my worst nightmare.

However, I don't want this to be the case any more! So, today I've been to John Lewis for free coffee and cake (sign up to be a member online and they send you free vouchers for cake each month. What are you waiting for?!). One of my best friends at Uni, and myself  ventured into Liverpool for a little day trip, to celebrate my Thailand trip by shopping, chatting and enjoying a stop at John Lewis. Cake is something I've not had in years, and it's actually a big deal for me. Therefore, going without having any idea of menu, without obsessing or counting anything is a step I should probably write about. 

Not going to lie, it was hard. I still have that voice in my head, screaming at me for doing the wrong thing, for losing control. But then, that's what recovery is, isn't it? Feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Choosing to actively go against that voice until it no longer exists. Choosing to do what you want to do because enjoying life is far more important.

I picked a Bakewell tart. It was delicious.


Tanya Beetham said...

You did it - well done :) PS good choice of cake xxx

Josie said...

Well done Sam! Definitely craving cake now haha xxx

hannah said...

I saw this cake on your Instagram and it made me jealous! Well done you for going out and actively choosing to do something you were afraid of. You're doing so well :) and the cake does look delicious! I can't believe John Lewis sends free cake vouchers, sign me up now haha xxx

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