Friday, 7 February 2014


So, last week I saw an opportunity on my University website to volunteer in Thailand for 4-6 weeks, teaching English to Thai children and living with a host family. It was a complete spur of the moment, impulsive decision, but I applied. Two hours later, I had an interview offer! Fast forward many days of excitement, anxiety and apprehension and I'VE BEEN OFFERED A PLACE ON A VOLUNTEER PROGRAMME IN NORTHERN THAILAND!! 

I am absolutely speechless and although it's not the most intelligent way of phrasing it I'M GENUINELY BUZZIN'! I never in a million years believed I'd ever be going to Thailand for the summer, to teach Thai children the English language; to experience a brand new culture and be living with a host family. I will be learning new skills, seeing new sights, wearing traditional clothes and tasting new foods.

Ah yes - the one teeny tiny factor which could mess it all up for me. Having no idea what I'm really eating, having no control over anything and having no safety. Well, that's one reason why this trip has to be amazing because I am going to learn to LIVE again. By going on this adventure, I am saying YES to life and GOODBYE to this all consuming, torturing mental illness. I've decided it's not going to stop me any more - I am going to enjoy this adventure and it's going to be the best experience I've ever had. 


Josie said...

WOW Sam! I'm buzzing for you! What an amazing thing, well done you. You must be so chuffed and I'm sure nothing will ruin it because you'll be having way too much fun xxx

hannah said...

Congratulations again Sam! You totally deserve this amazing opportunity, I'm so glad you made the spontaneous decision to apply! It's going to be the best time, I'm sure :) I can't wait to see photos and hear all about your adventures and it's nowhere near Summer yet!! xxx

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