Wednesday, 26 February 2014

100th Birthday

Last weekend, I traveled home to celebrate my Great Grandmother's 100th Birthday. Definitely a rare, special occasion - something that you don't hear everyday. Firstly, I should say that it was one of the most beautiful days I've ever had.

We were invited to a lunch buffet with her and every single family member. By this, I mean that half of them, I have not met! It was extremely strange to be in a room surrounded by her children, children's children, and the children's children's children! As well as other cousins, sisters, brothers of everyone in the room. It's easy to get a little lost and confused!

The room that my Great Grandma had hired was beautifully decorated with pink and purple, beautiful flowers everywhere, and her Birthday presents and cards dotted around. This included a card and telegram from the Queen, which was quite amazing to actually hold! The buffet was covered with posh sandwiches, mini-bites, potatoes and salad - followed by desserts and then a huge cake and champagne!

It was such a lovely day, and actually extremely emotional. I spoke with my Great Grandmother, who made me cry; my Grandmother, who also made me cry (all happy tears I may add). It was amazing to be in a room, listening to 100 years of stories and moments. What's more special to me, is that I was there. It could have been very easy to turn it down, what with a huge buffet going on, but no. I had an absolutely fabulous day, and who knows, next year we may repeat it all for 101 magical years!

Decorations, flowers & cards (one from the Queen too!)


Amy-Louise said...

Thanks for sharing this with us - your great grandmother looks absolutely PHENOMENAL for just turning 100! Sounds like she's had a wonderful life :)

hannah said...

This is such a heartwarming and lovely post Sam - I had to choose your post as my very first post of the week in my Little Five Friday :) I hope you don't mind that I shared one of your photos! A very happy belated birthday to your Great Grandmother, what a great age! She honestly doesn't look 100 at all - she's beautiful and very stylish! I'm glad you could all be with her to celebrate such a special occasion xxx

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