Monday, 27 January 2014


Recently, there have been circumstances in where I have been torn to choose between joining in, or excluding myself in order to stand by what I believe to be right; my own values and morals.

On both occasions, I have acted on my values of which include living a healthy life, rather than indulging excessively. When I say 'excessively', I mean over indulging on junk food, more times than not. I know that doing this once or twice a week isn't bad or wrong, and actually very acceptable in our society but more nights than not is not healthy. In fact, it's most probably one reason for the obesity problem we seem to be hearing more and more about in the news. I know what it looks like for those who know me - I can't 'do' unhealthy. Many would argue that for me, it's still a disordered mind set, given my past experiences, but I know that it is most definitely not. If If I really think about it, this is perhaps the first time in which I am choosing to be healthy. Under eating and over eating are just as bad as each other, and ultimately, are both unhealthy. 

However, is choosing good nutrition and moderate exercise over constant junk food a problem when I am choosing not to participate in a social event (or five)? There is something about this, that sits slightly uneasy in my mind. I am missing out because I want to live a healthy lifestyle, but I don't believe being healthy should be a punishment, and yet, that's what it can sometimes feel like. Don't get me wrong, I do join in when I actually want  to. 

Although I constantly doubt and question my actions, I'm glad that I have stood by my values.  I know that many of us participate in things, when we feel uncomfortable and often forced, which is wrong. I know that if I had joined in, I would not have enjoyed myself and felt some what angry with doing something I didn't want to do. I know it is important that we put ourselves first sometimes, and do what makes us happy. But what I don't know, is whether it's OK to miss out and appear anti social, when you are choosing to stick by what you believe is right and important?

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Josie said...

You definitely have the right idea! As you say, once or twice a week is probably fine but it's not good every night (unless you have CF haha) I don't like to drink a lot and I think some people do see it as anti social (even though I'm still out with them, just with an orange juice instead of doing shots) and I think it's their problem, not mine and that's how it is with you and people who have a problem with the fact that you don't want to join in with the junk food every time. I think it's down to their insecurities or something, they probably think we're judging them when we're not if that makes sense! Anyway, I think it's important to stay true to yourself xxx

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