Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Years Resolution?

This year is the first year I can honestly say, that my new years resolution is not to lose weight, eat healthier or do more exercise. No, this year and from now on, I shall not make one. 

Why not?

Well, because during 2013 I learnt the value of this very moment. The here and now, and the magic of letting things be. That's all that really matters - not yesterday, the day before or what happened 10 years ago, and not tomorrow or next week either. Also, the importance of letting what is currently happening, to just happen, without me constantly fighting myself. If I am unhappy right NOW, then I do not need to wait for a new year to arrive, for me to do something about it. 

Sure, I have things I would like to do this year. I would like to spend evenings with my best friend, getting drunk together and laughing the night away. I would like to rekindle my love for musicals by visiting the theatre, with the people I love. I would like to read as much as possible, challenging my own views and opinions of the world and my own inner monologue. Additionally, I would like this blog to develop a little more. I still want to document my battle with a mental illness, but I think that there comes a time in recovery in which you have to stop talking about it in order to move on. Therefore, I hope to blog more about my University adventure, what I'm currently loving and comment more on what is happening in the world. 

However, if that does not happen then that is also OK. This is why they are not resolutions or goals (or anything else they can be named!), because with that adds extra pressure and automatically sets myself up for failure. 

I don't know what is going to happen this year, nor do I expect it to be 100% positive and happy (Can't say I'd want that anyway!). But, what I do know is this
1) I must not give up
2) Embrace the moment
3) Remember rules 1 and 2!

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Josie said...

Happy New Year SamSam! As I always say, you should be SO proud of yourself because you achieved so much in 2013 and I'm sure things will only get better. I love what you're saying, I so agree that it's all about taking one day at a time and appreciating as much of it as possible! xxx

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