Thursday, 23 January 2014

New Term

As you will probably know, I returned to Uni this week to begin semester two. I have returned to normality (whatever that is) after a ridiculously long Christmas break! As expected, this week I have been briefed with all my assignment details, sending me into a state of panic meaning I will now probably complete them all with weeks to spare before the deadline - then I'll laugh and think 'what was I doing!?'.  Assignments aside, it is also absolutely freezing. I live in a big, old (but modern) house which is difficult to heat, which has made adjusting to the climate a little harder than expected! I am also convinced that the universe is against me, as every time I've step outside it has poured with rain, only to stop again when I enter a building!

However, I would not change it. I have loved being back. I have genuinely missed my friends who I live with. Their mannerisms and jokes really do cheer me up as soon as I get home. It's been lovely to sit around the TV at night with my housemates, laughing and joking. Having someone to ask about their day and actually be interested in their response. Not forgetting how thoughtful they are too - I returned home to chocolate peanut butter poptarts which are one of my favourite things in the whole world. I wouldn't swap my Uni life for anything.

Finally, I began my volunteering placement yesterday. I was thrown into the deep end by starting on a day in which they had a meeting about the mental health services in the area but overall I enjoyed my first day. I am always taken aback by the amount of people who suffer with a mental illness, and not only that, how genuinely lovely they are. I sat with them after the meeting, playing games, talking about anything in which they fancied, and found myself thinking about how these people do not deserve to be battling their own minds each day (or anyone for that matter). I really am hoping that this placement will offer me a new insight into the world of mental health, and I hope I can help them with their journey.


hannah said...

Good luck with all of your assignments lovely, it's definitely better to be over prepared than under (says the girl who leaves everything til last minute!). I know how you feel with readjusting to the cold, having come back to the Wirral from my mum's is such a shock - it's freezing in this house but boiling in my mum's! I'm glad you're enjoying being back in your uni life, it sounds like your housemates are genuinely lovely! How sweet of them to get your favourite treat in for you :) it's so different living with friends/partners than it is family - both have their ups and downs though! Congratulations on starting your placement, it sounds like you got off to a great start. You're so kind and thoughtful Samantha, anyone who gets to chat to you and be helped by you is so lucky. xxx

Josie said...

Good luck with your assessments, I'm going to say try not to stress too much though! A little stress is good because it gets things done but not too much ok missus? ;) Your housemates sound wonderful, you're so lucky that you like living with them...can't say it was the same for me when I was at uni! I'm glad you enjoyed placement, what you say about them not deserving is exactly what I think about you and other people who suffer from mental illness. I think you will be a great help, you're so lovely and understanding! xxxx

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