Saturday, 25 January 2014

Little Things #2

Over Christmas, I decided to finally start a scrap book. I've been wanting to for ages but I've been weighing up whether it's for the right reasons or not. I want it really for two reasons; A) to document my life at University and B) so I can look back one day and see how much progress I have made! Part of me wondered whether the second reason would keep me more absorbed in my illness but I actually think I'll look back and only see positive things!

I've done a few pages, sticking down tickets from shows, traveling and pictures from instagram. And, I've cut up Birthday/Christmas cards for letters and cute pictures which decorate the pages nicely :) These pictures are of my favourite pages so far! One is a Christmas spread, and one is of my trip to Manchester and the beautiful illustration that Hannah did for me, from her giveaway last year!

I've really enjoyed starting this and hope I don't give up half way through, leaving it unfinished!! Also, if anyone has ideas of what else I could include, or what you put in your own scrap books (if you keep them?), then your ideas would be very welcome!


Gems - Fashion Well Done said...

As a fellow sufferer of mental illness, I don't think it is a bad thing to chart your journey. It helps you to see how far you have come, and if you do slip back it helps you to see what you are capable of achieving because it is right there in black and white.
Good luck with your scrapbook.

Gems x
Fashion, Well Done

Josie said...

Yes I think it'll be very positive! You've made SO much progress and I think it's brilliant that you'll have something to actually look at and remember instead of just having the memories in your head. Who knows, maybe one day you can show it to someone who is going through something similar and it will be really inspiring to them!
Also, scrapbooking is FUN I do mine all the time. Except it's full of fantasy from Vogue and Elle, not actual real life people and events like yours...I'm a loser haha! xxx

hannah said...

Oh this is so lovely! Such a wonderful thing to look back on too. I made a scrapbook documenting lots of things and photos etc from mine & Mark's time together for his 21st birthday and he absolutely loves it even now. I might share it on a blog post too, I love it so much :) thank you so, so much for putting in the picture! I feel honoured :) I love that little bear (of course!) on the Christmas page of your scrapbook too, so cute! I hope you'll keep adding more of your progress in your scrapbook to your blog so we can see :) Hobbycraft sell some lovely scrapbooking things! xxx

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