Monday, 13 January 2014

Little Things #1

When I spoke about resolutions this year, I mentioned that an aim of mine was to change (add) more content to this blog. I feel like it's all about having an illness - and for those who read regularly, you probably know more about that than you actually know about me. I've seen this feature running around on a few blogs and believe it's a perfect way for me to introduce things that I actually love.

It's not at all obvious, but I actually started this blog with the intention of basing it all on beauty and fashion. FAIL. I probably follow more beauty bloggers/vloggers than I do mental health related, and that's because I love it. I own more nail varnish than I do pens, I have enough skincare to last me the year, my wardrobe is a combination of chunky knits, statement necklaces and Jack Wills, and if you buy me a dessert type Yankee Candle, I'd marry you instantly - self confessed beauty addict?

Anyway, after seeing this product mentioned sooo many times, I naughtily bought myself my own Christmas present - the Naked Palette 3 from Urban Decay. I absolutely love it.

I am no beauty expert (I couldn't tell you how to correctly apply foundation etc!) but I do know that the colours are so beautiful and perfect for both everyday and night wear. They blend extremely well too which is brilliant when you're rushing in the morning, like me, and want to look like you've made an effort!

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hannah said...

Ohhh another thing I need to add to my 'to buy' list! I've been trying to avoid things like this because of the price tag attached and not wanting to add another expensive product to my ever growing make-up list haha. But I feel like I need to cave and buy one of the Naked palettes, I'm not very adventurous with my eye makeup and I love nudes/golds - this palette looks perfect! I love this series too, I've seen it over on Josie's blog but I always wonder what I'd post. I think I might give it a go :) xxx

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