Friday, 10 January 2014

January Diets

January is the time of year most commonly associated with diets. This year, I genuinely believe I have been bombarded with books, adverts, tweets etc about dieting, 'healthy eating' and fitness regimes than ever before! Must admit, although I can tolerate it now without it being destructive, it's getting on my nerves! People I know have starting dieting (again), both family and friends. I don't have an issue with this, they can do as they please but it has turned my thoughts to why these people are always restarting diets, and why they can't stick to them.

Of course, diets don't work. Firstly, they are media/company driven ultimately so that they make money. If the diet worked, then they would not make money! Therefore, they aren't going to actually produce a diet that works. Secondly, these diets aren't sustainable. They cut out major food groups so really, it's not a healthy diet at all. They cut back on a ridiculous amount of food meaning you're starving. Oh, and then you binge because you're starving. This then usually results in GAINING IT ALL BACK AND MORE. It's the cycle of dieting. You know this, I know this and I accept that is how life is for women in the 21st century now.

However, here's my current trail of thought. Why is it that I CAN diet when most people fail? Why is it that people with Anorexia can easily say no to chocolate, cake.. food in general.. when others lack this so called 'will power' that eating disordered people seem to have. (It's most definitely not will power).

I recently based an assignment on the biological factors of Anorexia, and once marked, I'll share more - but after submitting this and thinking more and more about dieting, it is beginning to make total sense to me that actually, there is a biological cause. If both you and I are exposed to the same adverts, magazines and articles about dieting, my biological make up may explain why I once might have easily skipped meals, when you struggle to resist pudding.


hannah said...

Interesting thoughts lovely, I look forward to reading some of your assignment. I wonder if there is a biological factor, I can't honestly say I'd ever thought about it before but it does seem to make sense xxx

Josie said...

This is really interesting, I'd never really thought about biological factors of Anorexia before. I look forward to your assignment! On another note I can't wait til people stop all this talk of diets and fitness, it gets a little boring. I get why people may fancy a detox after Christmas (as a CFer I'm supposed to have a massively high in fat diet but even I was feeling ill after all the sweets come New Year haha!) but I think people should make more fun resolutions...not less this and less that but more enjoying yourself! xxx

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