Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Exams, Travel & Sun

I think myself and most people assume that the Christmas break is supposed to be just that - a break! However, I had an exam today, so I have spent the entire Christmas period, revising. I probably should have given myself more of a break to relax really but my perfectionism kicked in, and I have been drowned in notes, highlighters and revision cards. However, this morning I think I did quite well so it might have paid off in the long run?

Having to be back at Uni for this exam, meant I had to rely on the train to get me there. I have once again, been reminded why I love train travel. This time, I traveled at night, and simply got lost in my kindle. Before I knew it, I had arrived at my destination feeling completely calmed and free from the world. I find it incredibly strange that travel does this, but like I've said before, it provides that liberating freedom that I don't perhaps get when I am governed my own mind's rigidity. 

Having said that, traveling back today and waiting around for hours (in the pouring down rain) was not such a positive experience! As much as I enjoy seeing the world around me, during the winter I really struggle to venture outside. I am not someone who thrives in winter, more like hibernating to keep warm! I also find it difficult to remain positive when the weather and nature is quite dull itself. Standing at the bus stop, with a thick winter coat, gloves and scarf on has definitely moved my mind towards summer and the sun. I am craving the appearance of the sun and it's rays (and the Vitamin D that comes with it!). The lack of light and fresh air is taking it's toll I believe, so I am glad that I now have just over a week completely to myself, without any Uni work. I am going to take full advantage of this by focusing on myself and being fully refreshed to start the next term!

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Josie said...

Glad the exam went well! I was the absolute worst at revision so well done haha! I feel so rundown in winter, the gloomy weather is just horrible...I'm the same as you, I hate going out in it! Hopefully the sun won't take as long as it did last year to show it's face! xxx

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