Monday, 2 December 2013

How many Christmas' will you sacrifice?

So, December has appeared from what seems like no where, and this can only mean it's officially acceptable to now be festive by wearing Christmas jumpers and listening to cheesy Christmas songs, yes?
I have gone through many years of completely despising this time of year. Before becoming ill, I have disliked Christmas as it holds bad memories and therefore I would only allow myself to think of those things. And secondly, as you can imagine, that when you have an eating disorder, Christmas is a difficult time as one of the main elements is food. Of course, it's more about being with loved ones, celebrating with family and friends and yes, this is what I love most! But there is no denying that usually people look forward to the big tins of chocolates, mince pies and Christmas pudding, Christmas dinner.. I mean, I definitely love it all!
This year I don't want to miss out. I want to be able to say yes when offered the tin of chocolates, yes to the festive glass of mulled wine and yes to a huge roast dinner. 
I am extremely busy at the moment. Good busy though - winter assignment deadlines are looming, my part time work is busy with it being Christmas and I'm travelling around with my volunteering work. Add in house issues, a social life and functioning as a human being, and you don't have much time left. I know myself well enough to know that I can use this extremely busy schedule as a way of avoiding certain social situations with food challenges. However, I believe acknowledging this is a good thing and it means I can actively choose not to make excuses.
Like I previously said, I can choose what I allow myself to think. Last year I managed to turn Christmas around and allow it to become one of my favourite times of year. I believe that if we want something to happen, then we can most certainly make it happen. If I want to do something badly enough, then I know I can and will. After all, Christmas only comes once a year, so really we don't have time to let it pass us by.
I came across an intriguing question this week - How many Christmas' will you sacrifice for Anorexia? Well, I hope I already know the answer to this and I don't add another one to that number.

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