Thursday, 28 November 2013

Holidays Are Coming

Last night, some of my housemates and I wrapped up in hats and winter coats, and ventured into Liverpool for the evening, as a final night out before some go home for Christmas. What was so special about it, was the fact that the landmark Coca-Cola lorry was situated in the middle of the Liverpool One to celebrate the festive season (and give out free coke!).
I have been putting off going out for dinner with my housemates for so long, as I absolutely hate it, but last night everyone made sure I was comfortable with the restaurant choice (Nandos), and that everyone actually wanted to go there too. 
I have never felt so supported in my entire life and I genuinely felt honored to be friends with people who just accept that I'm still recovering. 
After finishing a lovely meal, we ventured into the Liverpool One to get a photo with the Lorry - only to be greeted by a huge queue. We did not stand and wait because we managed to get close enough anyway! I'm guessing you got a free drink if you queued!
Following that, we spent the remaining few hours doing some late night shopping, laughing and simply looking at what festivities the beautifully decorated city had to offer. One of which included a stall with minion hats, which my and my best friend just had to try on!!
The whole evening has reminded me of why food cannot dictate my life any more. Small glimpses into a sense of normality is something I really cherish and definitely crave more of. Restricting or being thin has nothing on true friendship and moments that will never be forgotten. 
My first Christmassy night of 2013 was simply magical.

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