Thursday, 10 October 2013

WMHD '13

If you didn't know already, today is World Mental Health Day. A day devoted to talking about and challenging the stigma of mental health. In my opinion, we shouldn't need days like today, we should be able to talk freely about mental health problems without being judged or stereotyped. However, until then, days like today are very much welcomed!
If I'm honest, I will say that I find it very difficult to be open about my own mental health for fear of being judged but I am beginning to challenge this very idea. If everyone suffering from a mental illness kept it to themselves, like some kind of dirty little secret, then mental illnesses would never be beaten. They will continue to dominate and ruin people's lives unnecessarily. 1 in 4 of us have or will suffer with a mental illness, so WHY aren't we able to talk about it? We will ALL know someone, some having more experience than others - but you don't have to be an expert on mental health to be able to talk about it.

Simply asking someone how they are today can open up a world of conversation opportunities. Even if we do not understand what if feels like, just offering an ear will mean more to that person than we can ever imagine. They are no longer alone.
 I actually think sharing stories is one of the most fascinating things to talk about, usually resulting in learning more about myself than the other person. It's not that scary at all!

I dare you all to ask someone how their mental health is today - I have done! Let's put a stop to mental health stigma. It's been around for too long.
And I shall end by asking you how YOU are?


Cara E said...

This is such a wonderful post, so much respect to you for opening up. Yay for awareness and breaking stigmas! <3

Elefantest89 said...

it's great! congratulations! Do you wanna follow each other? let me know! I wait for you on my blog!

hannah said...

A great way of helping to raise awareness :) I think it's important to talk, and I hope the awareness day helped many people suffering to start talking about their issues and get on the road to recovery. xxx

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