Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Eating Disorders at University

At the moment, B-eat are running a campaign about Eating disorders at University. It's focusing on the issues faced by students during University and the transition period (moving from home to uni), aiming to raise awareness and ensure that students receive the correct support that they need. Many students have difficulty accessing treatment after moving away (myself included), and it's really vital that this changes.
There are many ways to get involved - the easiest via twitter (of course!). You can follow @beatED or use the hashtag #edunicampaign to receive the latest updates, or you can go to their website to read the press releases, experiences from students and advice from other students!
If you're interested, then here is what I've written for this campaign (sorry, shameless plug!) ;)



What a great campaign, I think sometimes people forget how stressful Uni can be when you're suffering with a mental illness so I love it when the charities focus on education based things.
And congrats on writing a piece for Beat ! Well written and honest :) xxx

MILEX said...

you are everything.

Unknown said...

Awesome campaign!

hannah said...

Well done on your article Samantha, well written and very encouraging/inspirational to others :) xxx

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