Sunday, 1 September 2013

What's that word?

I am writing this after a conversation with a friend of mine, which began by discussing the importance of money and happiness. We both agree that deciding which is most important is extremely difficult in today's society. It should be happiness, but is it?
Anyway, stemming on from that, I began to question whether we are ever truly happy. I've often imagined that if I were completely free of an eating disorder, then I would be happy. I mean, I'd be free of rigid rules, anxiety and moments of insanity. What would be left must be happiness, right?
Well now I'm beginning to think that's not going to be the case at all. I am someone who is never really going to be satisfied. I expect the very best from myself, with absolutely everything. Admittedly, I am a perfectionist so I push myself to achieve the results I want - with my qualifications, at work, relationships, my own outlook on life etc. But as soon as something has been 'completed' then I move onto something else, which I guess is totally natural. Our society creates an idea of the perfect life, in which we latch onto from a young age. School, College, University, Marriage, House, Children - where does it end? DOES is even end?
When do we get to that point in life where we think 'yes, actually this is happiness'? Or maybe we don't. Maybe happiness is something that comes and goes. For example, you are happy on your graduation day, and then begin creating the next moment of happiness. Although the thought of only being happy for a short period of time seems a tad ridiculous and I'm not sure that's what I believe because I know of people who seem to be constantly happy. Of course, they may not be and it's all a huge facade, struggling with their own inner battles privately. 
Happiness is most probably one of those things that is defined differently by each individual human being, and maybe that's not a bad thing. Having something that can create discussion and opinions can only bring people together and allow for new ideas and relationships to form. Just like it did today.

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hannah said...

I asked my boyfriend the same question just the other day, because my answer has always been happiness. I knew his answer would be happiness too, but he is more conscious and concerned about financial security than I could ever be. I think happiness, like sadness can be sometimes, is fleeting. I think we have to take happiness in the smallest of forms, a cheerful customer in work makes me happy, watching my favourite show on TV makes me happy. I think the emotions these things stir are more diluted versions of happiness. But I think that makes total and absolute happiness all the more special :) I think there are varying degrees of happiness, just like there are varying degrees of sadness. It takes time and work and conscious decisions to be happy xx

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