Sunday, 8 September 2013

Life's not fair?

I'm not sure where this post is really going to go so apologize in advance for it lacking any direction - I shall just write!
Yesterday, my brother accepted a job at the same store that I work in and I'm furious. Not with him as such, more my family and their attitude towards him, compared with their attitude towards me. Firstly, when I got my job it was because I applied for it, writing my own CV, filling out the application - nothing remotely different from the rest of the world, I imagine. I should also add, that it wasn't the only job or interview I had applied for. But, I got my current job because I worked for it and wanted it.
Dis-similarly, my brother does not want this job. He was more or less forced to apply for it while my Mum stood outside of the shop, with a CV she had printed off for him because she knew people had left for Uni. It only takes common sense to realize jobs would soon be available. Consequently, first application and first interview results in his first job.
Now don't get me wrong, I am happy for him. Getting your first job in the current economic climate is not easy and he must have impressed at interview, so fair enough. However, my issue lies with the mechanics behind it all. Should someone who doesn't want work be landed with a job? Someone who has done nothing and put no effort in at all, be rewarded with something that many people are currently longing for?
Like many teenage lads, my brother is a gamer. I don't see him leave his room unless it's for school, food or football practice. He does nothing else (no housework, conversation etc). Of course though, my parents believe he is the model child and therefore, everything is done for him. As for actual life skills, well, they do no exist.
Also, this is MY work place. Anyone will know that when you live at home, working actually provides some relief. Especially for me. Work is a place away from food, life and constant struggles. It's a huge distraction for me as well as a laugh and a purpose. This is something, after numerous arguments, I can still not get across when stating why I have such an issue with him being there. It will completely change.
This may seem incredibly selfish and could be seen as simply complaining that 'life's not fair', but sometimes I'm not sure it is. Sometimes it really does seem like some people receive everything on a plate given in front of them, while the rest of us have to work extremely hard to achieve the same outcome.
My only positive, is that those of us who face difficulty and power through are equipped when life throws something absolutely awful at them. I guess the are the strong ones.


hannah said...

I totally understand how you feel, and think I would feel the same if I had to share my workplace with a family member (and I don't even live at home anymore). It's not that I'd begrudge them the job either, but work is a space away from everyone at home, a time out. It's important to have your own space, I hope you won't have to bump into your brother at work too much xx

Josie said...

I totally get where you're coming from! I'd do my nut if I had to work with my brother! I agree with everything Hannah said, work is a place to be independent. xxx

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