Saturday, 24 August 2013


On the news this evening, there was a report on the likes of 'zoo' and 'nuts' (typical lads mags), and how they should no longer be sold in supermarkets or newsagents in which these are on display to children. The report focused on a bunch of women protesting that young girls should not be looking at these as they may influence how they see themselves and the way they should look/feel/act. 
As much as I understand this argument - and I really do because I work in a newsagents and when I was extremely consumed by my illness, I would devour any magazine with a 'thin' or 'beautiful' girl on it - surely it is only fair to scrutinize EVERY magazine including influential a 'thin' body and more importantly so, in my opinion, every magazine that criticizes a size 10/12 for being overweight or includes ridiculous, unhealthy diets. 
ALL of these magazines, whether it's a lads mag or celebrity based magazine include images that will influence young girls (and older ones!). Whether it's fake boobs and tiny underwear or a tiny framed celeb on the beach in a bikini. Ultimately, they are giving off similar messages? That a girl has to look like this to either a) be successful, b) please a man and c) be liked. 
And I write this thinking it's all a huge shame really because I LOVE fashion magazines. I used to love reading about the latest pieces that had arrived in stores, become inspired on how to style things, what nail varnish colour to wear next season etc. I say used to, because I haven't picked a magazine up in over a year (thank god for fashion bloggers!). They are so depressing, it's unbelievable. I don't look like their idea of perfection and I do not wish to be reminded of that.
On a contradictory note, I know that neither of these will be removed from supermarkets or shops. There is a huge market for them, and although influencing, people DO enjoy reading them. I just think that if society is going to start attacking lads mags for influencing young girls, then we should take a look at everything else too.

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