Friday, 19 July 2013

The Diet Industry

Usually, I can overlook the stupidity and total crap that sprouts from the latest magazine, newspaper article, book or programme produced by the diet industry. I know that ultimately, each diet is simply another money making scheme. However, last night I watched Britain's Favourite Supermarket Foods presented by Cherry Healey and actually became quite infuriated!
Firstly, Cherry Healey is presenting a show on 'fattening foods' including biscuits, nuts and ice cream. All of which she claims to be unable to resist. I know from her instagram/twitter than she rarely touches these foods as they are far too unhealthy for her. So, before it's even begun, the choice of presenter is annoying.
Secondly, what is wrong with a few biscuits?! One section looked at how many biscuits people eat, and Cherry Healey quite clearly judged these people and questioned their feelings afterwards. One lady said she felt great after eating quite a few - good for her! No one has the right to tell her she should feel any different. Ok, packet after packet in one sitting is a bit extreme, but 2 or 3 is perfectly normal and will do nothing to your waste line. It is the same as eating a cereal bar but that isn't frowned upon?
Thirdly, the programme looked at how we can make our lunch fill us up for longer meaning we can last until tea time. I know for a fact that WE ARE MEANT TO SNACK. To avoid dizzy spells, low sugar levels, feeling faint, y'know all those things that happen to your body when you need fuel. From personal experience, that every meal plan or piece of advice has included 3 meals and 3 snacks, and I trust that advice. I trust those professional psychologists with my life - and a healthy life at that.
Finally, why does every single programme look at 'battling the buldge'. Not everyone is fighting themselves. Not everyone is unhappy with the way they look and are trying to lose weight and not everyone needs to. A different part suggested we try adding low fat yogurt to enhance weight loss. To this, my Mum responded 'Oh, that's where I'm going wrong?!' which may by why I am so annoyed by this whole programme. NO - where you are going wrong is that simple fact that you eat too much. Nothing to do with yogurt or any food for that matter. 
Because you know what, you can eat anything. Everything in moderation - that way, you are provided with every nutrient including fat, sugar and carbs! Food isn't the enemy, it's there to provide us with the energy to live. To live, to laugh, to run, to work. 
I am only more motivated to fully recover after watching this, but I do fear for those who are in a more vulnerable position - those who will now not eat biscuits. But, biscuits taste better than skinny feels. Seriously. 

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Tanya Beetham said...

Very well worded my darling woman. I actually watched this programme & was rather drawn in - which is a rarity for me! Ironically I was at the gym whilst it was on. I had similar thoughts - I didn't know about the bad choice of presenter but I didn't like the way 'guilty' foods, ie biscuits were clearly frowned upon and furthermore were disencouraged. You rightly write that not everyone is trying to battle the bulge. In fact, there are increasingly more people battling the voice that TELLS us to battle the bulge, which for the most part, doesn't exist!
And yes - biscuits are good. I had 2 last night and I do not regret it!

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