Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Something A Bit Different..

This probably isn't your usual reading but something I feel needs documenting. I think there are two occasions in a woman's life in which you may actually want your period. 1) To confirm you aren't pregnant and 2) when you're recovering from anorexia. The latter happened to me last night.
I know this is a very open and honest subject and not something I wouldn't dare talk about in real life, but what I will discuss in real life, is becoming healthy. In essence, this is what this bench mark is: an indicator of health. A sign that my body is now receiving the nutrients it needs and getting the exercise it can tolerate in balance. It also means that I am at an 'ideal' weight. Again, something I'm not entirely sure of any more because I have given my scales away - no more numbers, no more anxiety. It's gone.
And you know what, I am actually incredibly happy about it. I am once again, a healthy fully functioning woman. Something in which I've worried about not becoming again, for the last 13 months. 
It's been another hurdle which has taught me to not take simple things for granted. We (myself included) moan about how inconvenient they can be - mood swings, aches & pains and general annoyance. However, despite being awake all night with the worst back pain I have ever experienced, I won't complain. 
I shall never complain again about being healthy. 



I want to applaud you on being so honest! Talking about periods is still a bit of a 'taboo' but I don't really see why- it's a natural process. Okay it isn't the most sexy of conversations but we should totally talk more about periods haha !
I had a similar experience when my periods disappeared for a number of months due to anxiety...and it was kind of nice to get them back.

Also, congratulations about your scales too, it sounds like you are on the right track to full recovery :)


Tanya Beetham said...

Intriguing title! But wonderful post my darling. Keep up all your hard work. Health is the future xx

Josie said...

I want to say congratulations haha! When I was really underweight because of CF mine disappeared too and it's an oddly nice feeling to get them back because it's a bit of normality! They're no fun but they definitely give you peace of mind. I'm glad you gave your scales away too that's a big step for you!

In the meantime use this as an excuse to slob around all day watching crappy TV :) xxx

Charlotte said...

I'm not sure if congratulations is the right phrase to use but - Yay for periods!
It's always nice to get the confirmation that your body is doing what it is supposed too (I completly get this, after years of my brain not being able to wire itself properly and subsequent 3-4 years of medication it finally seems to understand how to process stuff)
If I could i would send you a hot water bottle and girly films to watch ;-) xxxxx

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