Friday, 26 July 2013


Yesterday, I took the train into Birmingham to attend a Mindfull Life Mentor training day. I arrived with my phone ready to guide me to the venue, only to find out that the GPS would work due to the work they are doing on the tunnels so I stood around looking similar to a lost sheep! Fortunately, a lovely policewoman directed me perfectly, and as I'd arrived with an hour to spare I made it on time. Panic over!
For those of you who aren't aware of Mindfull - they are a new charity that launched only 3 weeks ago. Their aim is to talk to young people, aged 11-17, about anything to do with mental health and wellbeing. The only difference being, that it is all on the internet, which I personally think is great as many young people would rather talk via a screen to give them a sense of anonymity and to save any embarrassment that they may feel. Obviously, this charity also aims to reduce the stigma attached to mental health so that more people feel able to talk to someone in real life too.
I went along to train as a mentor, someone who is the first port of call, so to speak. The day was very intense in my opinion, with a lot of information to take on board, but it was great to spend it with people with the same passion and interests as me. We all wanted to be there to help others and use our life experiences in a positive way, which definitely added a little warmth to the room.
I left the training as a Life mentor and now feel quite lucky that I've been given this opportunity to volunteer and help others. Part of me is doing this because I know how it will help with my own future career but a bigger part of me knows that if I can use my own mental history to guide just one person towards a better path or prevent something spiraling into something worse, then my past will have been worth going through.

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