Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Harry Potter Tour

After waiting over a month, the day I finally got to go on the Harry Potter Tour arrived today! To be honest, it was perfect timing as I haven't exactly been feeling brilliant lately, so this was definitely something to get excited about.
So, at 5:20 I woke and traveled to Watford (half asleep). We arrived early so grabbed breakfast and a coffee at a local coffee shop before beginning the tour. I went with a very good friend of mine, which actually made the whole day extra special :-)
I don't think I've been this excited about anything for a loooong time. With a huge grin on my face and a spring in my step, I was practically like a child on Christmas day. Everything was just so beautifully detailed and mesmerizing! Each set is handcrafted with such detail and care, every costume designed and made exquisitely - there is so much more to Harry Potter to appreciate than I originally thought. An extraordinary room is one that housed the model of the Hogwarts castle. Words cannot describe how amazing it was.

One really enjoyable part of the tour is entering the green room to have a go at 'flying' on a broomstick and in the Weasley's car. I think it definitely adds something to the day by giving the public a chance to experience something totally different. 

But actually, the best part of this day for me, was being able to spend and enjoy my day with a friend with not one sign of a mental illness. Sure we spoke about it but there was no anxiety surrounding food. I ate out, I wasn't thinking or panicking about what I'd have to potentially eat or avoid. I just ENJOYED myself. And that is a memory I shall treasure for a very, very long time.


M. said...

I bet it was sooo cool. :)

Josie said...

I'm not even a big fan of Harry Potter but this looks so good! Really glad you had a fab day with no worries, sounds like you deffo needed it! Love the car picture by the way! xxx

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