Monday, 6 May 2013


I have just unpicked my work trousers. 

At my lowest weight, I refused to buy clothes that were extremely small, so that if I ever put weight on they'd still fit and I wouldn't feel as bad. However, it just meant I have to take some in because they fell off! Anyway, the time has come to finally give myself the room intended. A moment I want to document because after putting it off for weeks and desperately clinging onto 'sick' clothes, I have finally gotten rid of them. I thought I'd feel absolutely terrible, but actually it's quite liberating. I feel as though I've achieved something and I'm proud of myself. I still hate weight gain - I ALWAYS will. But, feeling healthy and being healthy is becoming increasingly more important to me. I am genuinely pleased with I see a genuine smile in the mirror, rather than a fake one I've displaying for so long.

Health > Thin

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