Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Something that I am learning to appreciate more and more, is travelling. As someone who has lived most of their life, living in the same town and only travelling within a few miles to see relatives, I have really started to begin to see how beautiful travelling really is.
This year I have been lucky enough to move near Liverpool, a city in which I have fallen in love with. This place is probably where I have 'grown' the most. Learning how to travel into the city, navigating my way around, seeing the sights the city has to offer, and of course shopping and dining. This experience alone, has given me the confidence to explore some more of the UK. I have been able to visit London, Manchester and this bank holiday weekend, Nottingham. 
I have spent the last few days, visiting my best friend and completing our holiday shop. Aside from the fantastic company and endless laughter, I have been able to see some more of this beautiful country. The city is not exactly what I expected, much more spacious, but grand nevertheless. It was also nice to see the River Trent from a close bridge. It's not often that I stop and actually take in my surroundings. It's definitely something in which I should do more because Britain really does have some beautiful scenery which is often taken for granted.


Unknown said...

that's nice, i love to travel too!
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Tanya Beetham said...

Love to read a good post about travel - these words are my heart and soul :)

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