Tuesday, 14 May 2013


I returned home today after finishing my first year at Uni! It's weird to think I'm no longer a fresher and the hard work really begins in September, but I am ready to progress further.
However, I decided I had to celebrate and end the year in style on Sunday so forced myself to go to Carnage in Liverpool. If you don't know what Carnage is, it's a big student night out in a big city, in which all the students from the surrounding Uni's can go. They are usually themed and this time it was Baywatch.
If I'm honest, I hate nights out. I don't really drink, I get tired easily and often hide in corner BUT when I decide I'm going to have a good time, and not let my mental health control me, I do have a good time. We came back just after 3am, and I was hanging all day Monday, but I am proud to say that I said yes, I went out and stopped hiding away in my room! I'd say it was a huge positive for me :-)
Here are just a few pictures of the night

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