Wednesday, 24 April 2013

School days

I have spent most of this evening discussing my upcoming holiday with my best friend. It may sound trivial to you lot, but this year is the first time I'm going abroad without a responsible adult - parent/teacher - and actually, it's a bit scary! For someone who hates public transport, I'm sure getting to Malaga airport is going to be a little overwhelming but at the same time, I am soooo excited!
So, as the conversation progressed, we began to reminisce on our school days. I think I can honestly look back and say I had a blast. I was a cocky little bast*rd really, and got away with a lot because I am quite intelligent. I worked hard and did well, which meant many teachers let me have a laugh with them.
I really did have some fun and there are memories we always laugh at. For example, my best friend gave me fanta before a bleep test (a running test to see how fit you are), in which I stopped shortly after it began to throw up! And there was one incident in particular, which I secretly love.
I was very negative in German lessons.. basically because I was too lazy to learn German and therefore 'could not do it'. I spent the lessons just chatting and being a nuisance but nothing was ever really said, apart from the same old 'stop being so negative' comments - and I didn't like my teacher either! We were in one lesson and given one sheet between five of us. This was definitely not enough so we didn't really do anything! Half way through the lesson, we were given questionnaires to rate the German department. I didn't really want to so gave them outstanding for everything :-) But, my best friend didn't, and in the comments section wrote 'need more sheets'.
Well, nothing was said until I asked for some help! Our teacher had read every questionnaire (which are supposed to be anonymous!) and replied with 'what? a smartarse like you needs help?!'. I was mortified so fought my corner.. especially as I hadn't written anything! We had a full on shouting match in the middle of lesson and I won :-) And received an apology from her and the head of department. That day, I was proud I stood up for myself!
These were the days when we lacked responsibility, and I can actually say, I had a fantastic time!
Were your school days 'the best days of your life?'

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