Thursday, 18 April 2013


As my extra long summer holiday is rapidly approaching, I thought I best start making plans, contacting managers, applying for work experience etc. And today, I've started doing just that.
There is nothing more annoying that having a 9am lecture, cancelled at 5 to 9! When I am up, I'm not going back to sleep so spent the morning tweaking my CV and writing to St. George's Hospital, applying for work experience. This is the mental health hospital in my home town, and yes I've been a patient there - I probably still am, but oh well.. foot in the door and all that? ;)

I have contacted my manager and told him I only have 4 Saturday's left and will ring my old store on Monday. And finally, I finished my last assignment for this year!
I have been convinced to stay an extra week here and go to carnage as a big final night out before we all leave for summer (god help me!). Big night's out aren't my thing but saying yes is something I want to start doing. Too many opportunities get wasted when fearing food and drink, and it's time to change this.
So, the 14th May is when I return home. I'm not sure whether this is a good or bad thing yet but only time will tell. One month to be precise.

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Tanya Beetham said...

Can't believe you finished your last assignment of the year. well done :)
I'm excited for your potential work experience! X

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