Sunday, 21 April 2013

Extreme Diets

I seem to be completely surrounded by extreme diets at the moment. This is probably a combination of the excessive chocolate consumption over Easter and the desire to achieve the perfect 'beach body' in time for summer.
I don't deny that everyone wants to look great in a bikini but why does society look for this 'quick fix'. 2013 doesn't have time to lose weight healthily, and in the same sense it doesn't have time to recover from a mental illness either. People long for drastic results fast. Calorie counting, denying themselves everything 'unhealthy', exercising everyday.. In reality, that is unhealthy in itself. I have learnt that we really do need everything in moderation and we can have it all. 
The problem with these fast solutions is that they are difficult to stick to. Cutting out everything you love will only mean you crave it more and then overeat when you finally get the chance. What I don't seem to understand, is that we lose weight for the summer, then indulge during winter, meaning this vicious cycle continues and really, you remain the same size.
However, the thing that scares me about all of this, is that I become sucked into this too. I hear people discussing how much weight they're losing or how difficult they're finding it and I long to be able to join in. I am supposed to be gaining weight, yet all I can think of is how I will look in a bikini on a beach in Costa del Sol, in 2 months. As we have seen some sun, I have started to think about the Race for Life, and whether I am well enough to run. Running means training but can I be trusted to exercise? People are swimming, attending zumba and meanwhile, I sit hear wanting to so badly but fearing relapse. It is also extremely scary to see how easily influenced I am by other people's food choices. I don't need to lose weight or diet but because everyone around me is, I want to? At uni, I can live in a bubble if I need to, as I have my own space, but what happens when I leave all of this and really enter the real world? Attending a business lunch and the hot blonde orders a salad.. I know I'd do the same too even though I don't really want to and I know I shouldn't. 

I think being surrounded by dieting shows me how far I still have to go to feel comfortable in my own body.

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