Tuesday, 19 March 2013


If you remember, I went for a blood test 2 weeks ago and the results came back normal. Part of me is grateful that the chemical balance is fine, even after all the damage I’ve done to it. But then part of me is considerably frustrated as I will remain exhausted until I decide to eat more. It can’t be treated so yet again, I have to face more weight gain.
Before I do this though, I’m going to see whether my coffee intake causes this constant fatigue! I have cut down from anything around 8 cups (yes, I am aware that’s extremely unhealthy!) to only 2 cups in the morning. I have swapped caffeine for fruity/herbal tea, and after a week, I think maybe it has something to do with it. However, a week is not long enough to actually know anything!
On another note, I break up for Easter this weekend and it can’t come any faster. I really need this break to restore some positivity – starting with visiting Amy next week, to see Matilda the Musical.
Is it really only Tuesday?

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