Monday, 11 March 2013

Just fine

Sometimes I just do not know what goes on in my own head. I have spent the whole evening longing for one person in particular to ask me how I am. I practically set the conversation up so that she would have to ask me, and in an ideal a world I'd have responded truthfully. However, why then is it I decide to give the ultimate response of I'm fine.
Everybody knows that those two little words mean anything but what they say. They also mean do not pursue this conversation because I don't want to talk about anything. But I do! I really do want to talk about everything, even though I've been over it a million times and there's nothing new to add. I think it's just reassurance that I'm lacking right now. Being at Uni is great for me, I can breathe. I can have my good days and I can have my bad days, and no one is there to question or comment on either one. But, there are times in which you really do just want those who have been through everything with you, to be there, even just to hug you and tell you that it really will be just fine.
I really do need to stop being stubborn and accept help

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D A I S Y said...

Ah, I relate to this so much! I say 'oh I'm fine' so often because you don't want to scare the other person off, or bore them. It must be hard at Uni on your bad days though, I found it quite hard finding someone trustworthy to talk really do miss your oldest friends on days like that.

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