Friday, 22 March 2013

End of Semester 2

So, I woke up 4 hours ago with the intention of going to the final lecture of this term, only to be greeted with a bomb load of snow! Being the perfectionist that I am, I struggled through it and still made it on time. And of course, I worked so hard on all assignments this week so that they are ALL complete meaning no work over Easter :-)
On Sunday, I am returning home to what will be a very busy week. Theatre trip on Monday, then London on Wednesday, only to return home on Friday to then come back to Uni to work the Saturday (to then come home again!). It's like waiting for a bus.. you either get 0 or 5 at once! Nevertheless, it is a week that shall be thoroughly enjoyed by many, I hope.
It's scary to think that after Easter, I only have about 3 weeks of Uni left. It feels like only yesterday that I arrived here as a Fresher, unable to even do laundry. I am looking forward to this break though. I have become a workaholic, taking on shifts that I know I'm too tired to do and combining it with a full time degree. It will be nice to actually relax!
Of course, I am also dreading the return home, again. Disruption to routine can sometimes be detrimental and not having the space to be alone when I need to be is difficult. More food in the house and less control over life is not a good thing ha! But, it's another challenge to face and I will get through it. 

It's also my Birthday over Easter, and to be honest, I'm not looking forward to it. A big fuss, drinks, meals out, a cake? I can't remember the last time I had a Birthday cake.. maybe this year I should. I never feel as though I deserve any of it. OH and there's Easter itself!
I think it's times like this in which you have to stop and live in the present. There really is no point in worrying about something that isn't happening right now! We must live in the moment.

My morning view from my room!

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Tanya Beetham said...

You totally deserve the time to relax. and even more so, you deserve a wonderful birthday.x

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