Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Why recover?

As part of EDAW, many people are posting their recovery stories, inspirational quotes and goals for the future. Not many people actually know about me in real life. They may have guessed but they've never seen any proof or heard me being honest about it. I guess in a way, I am still very much affected by the stigma attached to this mental illness, which is sad. Even my own Dad doesn't know.
I have, however, seen many lists/diary entries being shown from people who have been recovered, from the time when they were very ill. I know I keep this blog, but I don't have anything on paper that captures what I went through. Maybe writing it down made it more real - who knows? 
I am thinking about starting something now though, just to document my own journey for myself. Some bits I may post on here, some bits I might not. 
Last night I saw a someone's list that they made in hospital, including 10-15 reasons as to why they wanted to recover. I might have already entered recovery but I'm still going to do this :-)
So, here are 10 reasons as to why I will fully recover

1. Graduate with a degree
2. Get a job that I love doing
3. Sing on stage again, and actually have enough energy to do so!
4. Have my own loving family
5. Enjoy travelling. Different cultures, climates and continents
6. Help and inspire others to recover
7. Enjoy going out with my friends (get a social life back!)
8. Enjoy special occasions such as Christmas, Easter and Birthdays
9. Learn to love myself
10. Live a happy and healthy life!

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oh I love you <3 Keep at it my dear!
All the best wishes for you and your recovery xx

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