Sunday, 24 February 2013


As I walked back from town this morning, I couldn’t help but reflect. You know those perfect Sunday mornings in which the sun shines heavily in your eyes, and you listen to your iPod.
Last night, I had the pleasure of sharing stories and discussing who people really are with Tanya. I walked back today thinking, do we really ever know anyone? We all carry a story, where we’ve been and what life has dealt us. We are so much more than a ‘body and beating heart’ as she so brilliantly phrased it. It’s a pleasure to sit and listen to others sometimes and simply learn about what makes them who they are. It’s also a lovely, warm feeling knowing that you can share your story with someone. It’s not an easy thing to do; revealing personal events, some carrying great joy, some carrying great sadness.
This also required some reflection. We all carry unwanted baggage around with us. Experiences we’d rather forget or block out. Many would say these experiences are what leads us down a path of destruction, as we search for (in many cases) unhealthy coping mechanisms. But what I’ve realised is, I know where certain behaviours come from. I can pinpoint events which have led to certain personality traits now. They say that knowing where your problems come from means you have a much better chance at solving the issue. But how? What happens once you’ve identified the triggering problem? You can’t erase it so how exactly do you go about fixing things?
And more importantly, if we are coping, do these things need to or actually ever get fixed? We are all individual so if we fix everything we are headed towards a ‘perfect’ world. Something that does not exist. And without all of these personal experiences, I would never have spoken to Tanya or many of the other wonderfully inspiring friends that I have now. So, would I ‘fix’ things?
I like that we are all writing our own stories. It gives us meaning, and makes us tick. It’s what makes the world so fascinating.

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Tanya Beetham said...

It's always a wonderful pleasure chatting with you. Monday tomorrow - another week, another monday. I hope this week has some positive things in store for us both x

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