Monday, 14 January 2013


I apologise in advance as this is a post that really doesn't go anywhere! 
After any kind of medical appointment, I think everyone reflects what was said, and if it's physical health, what was done. For me, it's this small conversation that occurred about treating yourself. I think defining a 'treat' is extremely difficult and it is subjective. When I was larger and starting out losing weight for healthy reasons, I swapped chocolate and cakes for clothes and make up - more materialistic type treats - and a hell of a lot more expensive! But, now I think about it, chocolate wasn't a treat for me, it was an everyday occurrence - surely that's not what a treat is? 
I still choose possessions over food, but now I'm thinking that they aren't treats as such either. I work up to 16 hours a week, so if I want something, I usually buy it. I work hard for it, so why shouldn't I? But, if I do this often and so easily, I'm not sure whether it counts.
The consultant nurse that I saw said I should 'treat' myself once a week, and she meant eat something I want. Forget about numbers and just enjoy it. But then I argued that a scheduled treat isn't something that's normal. Don't we have to do something to deserve a treat? It's a reward? (I am open to opinions!)
I love chocolate and cake as much as the next person. In fact, I do eat chocolate a few times a week but it's not the chocolate bar of my choice as such. It is something small, something that my mind can cope with. I would f*cking love a big fat double decker or mars bar! And this is what she meant. She suggested I eat something like this...
BUT, if I don't want to eat it then how is it a treat? And, how often are you actually supposed to 'treat' yourself?

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melrose said...

I think a treat could also be something like going for a second helping when you normally wouldn't. I also think it's more spontaneous and not scheduled like you said.
Not food related, at least treat yourself to kindness :]
Much love darling xx

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