Sunday, 20 January 2013

Semester 2!

I returned to Uni yesterday, a day early because of the weather and we didn't want to risk being stuck today as I am supposed to have lectures tomorrow. It was strange, returning. Before Christmas, I didn't want to come home. I loved it here. The independence, the course itself. 
I don't know what changed over Christmas but now I feel as though I've returned because it's what I'm meant to be doing. Don't misunderstand, I want a degree and I will do it.. I still love my Psychology course. But, I think 'living' is overrated. Over Christmas I have done nothing apart from the odd shift at my home store. No going out when the milk has run dry, no laundry, fully working internet and TV. Why would anyone want to return to none of those things?
Secondly, my flatmate and I put the world to rights last night, and decided that meeting people wasn't all it's cracked up to be. The amount of times I've heard 'the people you meet at Uni are your friends for life'. Are they? Because I can count on two hands the amount of people that I actually trust and would call a 'friend'. I know many people and I will have a laugh and talk to many, but they're not what I consider friends. My main friends are at home and right now, I kind of just want to be with them. Home comforts I guess.
I think last night, we were both in negative moods! We discussed next year and the sheer fact we will both be struggling for cash as living goes up a notch! Bills, internet, TV license etc why does everything have to cost?! And even though I'm sorted for a house and signing the tenancy agreement tomorrow, how am I supposed to know who I want to live with after only three months? That's no time at all. I am NOT old enough for this.. evidently this can be confirmed by the fact I have been watching disney films all weekend and will now continue to do so!
Maybe this is what they call being homesick? Something I've never been before..


Josie said...

I can totally relate! I remember those feelings, although uni feels like a lifetime ago now. It was always the worst going back after the holidays. It is definitely homesickness! I reckon you'll soon get back into the swing of things though :) I agree with the friends thing, there's not many that I keep in touch with now but the ones I do are the best people...quality over quantity and all that!

Btw sorry I've not been in touch recently, I've been totally neglecting everyone idea why though! But things will change, speak soon :D xxx

Anonymous said...

I exactly agree with you! I'm back in Semester 2 now of my final year and I just want to graduate! Absoultely love my coruse but I agree I'm sick of the lifestyle, I'm sick of writing essays and I just want a job now! And uni ruins much work which means I can hardly write posts or talk to other bloggers anymore boo. Anyway hope things perk up for you :)

Gemma x

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