Sunday, 9 December 2012

Blogmas Day 9: Support

One thing I think that is vitally important around this time of year, is having a good support network. Having friends, family or people you trust around, and actually talking to them! This really was emphasized to me last night, when I felt like absolute rubbish haha! A few months ago, I'd have bottled it up but you really do benefit from just talking to someone.
Christmas is an extremely enjoyable time of year, but for those with mental health problems, it can be really difficult. Actually, it can be difficult for anyone! I know before I developed an eating disorder, I always missed family members who couldn't be there - who have passed away. And, if you're like me and come from a broken home, then you're forced to pick who you actually spend Christmas with! 

This year, my biggest problem will be food, and I know this. BUT, I aim to talk to someone if I am struggling. Last night, Amy stayed up, despite being violently ill, just talking to me and that made me feel SOOO much better! (Side note: We are also going to see Matilda the musical next year too, which I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT!)
I used to think it was selfish to burden someone, but you'd want them to do the same to you, right? Christmas is the time of 'good will' and all of that jazz.. so if you need someone, now should be the best time - use it!
Talking to someone has to be my top tip for surviving the festive season. Not an easy thing to do, but I guarantee you'll feel better afterwards!

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This is so good and true! You always have such a good way of seeing things.
If I'm feeling rubbish talking about it with someone immediately is not even an option I give to myself, the whole burdensome thing. So unhealthy I know.
Oh bless, that Amy dear has such a good heart, as do you! There are so many people here to support you including myself, much love xx

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