Sunday, 23 December 2012

Blogmas day 23: Home!

Well, I'm homeeee! Not sure I wanna be though haha ;-) It's just not 'my' home any more - it's just a house full of memories to me. I have unpacked and enjoyed a looooong soak in a bath! (We don't have a nice one at Uni so I don't use it). It's nice to see my brother and the feel Christmassy for once. The tree is up, along with stockings and decorations. I have a TV and working internet, which is a honour when you're a student haha. 
I am quite unnerved though. I go straight to the cupboards and fridge and see hardly anything I will eat. It's not a case of there'll be something I can eat as a substitute. It's either 'safe' food or nothing.. and if it's the latter, then I lose weight. Although, I've had a long day so I'll cross that bridge tomorrow.
I was really cheered up when I looked under my tree though! I've finally got my parcel from Amy - which remains unopened - and the DVD's I ordered have arrived, so I can watch those! I also had a lovely surprise from Josie, and I'm sorry for opening this in advance, I thought it was just a card. It was a lovely pink bracelet :-) 
This is one thing I love about Christmas - the thought that can go into it. That's what I love the most!

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melrose said...

Yay I was wondering when you were going home, bout time haha
Merry Christmas my dear!
Take care and enjoy, all my love xx

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