Friday, 21 December 2012

Blogmas day 21: Room Decorations

I'm actually stuck at uni until Sunday night, which is getting a little lonely as of today because everyone else is gone! So, I decorated my room with some tinsel and I have my robin from work. Christmas feels so weird this year, it's like I've had no lead up because there's been no music or tv (which has all of the films!). I think when I go back on Sunday, I'll dish my presents out of Monday and then BAM it's Christmas day. Weirrrrd!
I've also put all of my cards on my wall, which is another attempt to feel some what festive! And, before my best friend from my course left, she gave me her fairy lights! :-)
They are on the top of my book shelf and I loooooove them!

And, for any of you that missed my top 10 tips, they are now on the Young Minds website

I am now off to watch Sex and the City 2, for the millionth time!

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