Sunday, 16 December 2012

Blogmas day 16: Ferris Wheel

I have been to shopping today - not for presents, but more to get into the Christmas spirit and enjoy what the city has to offer during the festive season. Only this year, have I begun to love the different cities, and the different sights there are in this tiny island! Usually, I am satisfied with staying (and shopping) at my home town. I think I have grown to know it so well, that the I miss the little things.
Just walking around today, there are so many things that can go unnoticed. The different smells from each little stall - beer, doughnuts, burgers. Everyone has a memory/memories attached to those smells but we usually we're too busy to recognise and reflect. The carved wood, pottery, jewellery.. if we stopped and thought about how much time people spend on these things, then it makes them so much more beautiful, especially around Christmas time!
I got to see the City from above today because Emily and I went on a ferris wheel. There are quite a few 'fun fair' type things going on at the moment - one being a human size snow globe! The view was beautiful. Just seeing people enjoying and treating themselves, buying presents and experiencing what each stall had to offer, really did make me feel Christmassy.


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melrose said...

Isn't it all just so beautiful?! Life can be so beautiful <3
Much love xx

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