Saturday, 15 December 2012

Blogmas day 15: Anniversary

4 years ago today, I was told the news that my Stepfather has sadly passed away. It really was one of the hardest days of my life, and I cried for about a week. Usually, I find this day very difficult, but today has been some what different. 
Admittedly, I've been a work and therefore distracted but I'm now beginning to think that although he's not here any more, he's at peace. My Step dad fought kidney failure for years, had dialysis every other day, and in the end his life really was dominated by his illness. I didn't actually get to say goodbye to him, because by this point he had moved out, and that kills me. If I had one wish, it would be to see him one last time, and tell him I love him. However, I know he spent the last part of his life in a much happier place. He had 4 beautiful children, and in these past 4 years, he has become a Grandad to 3 gorgeous children. He would be so proud of them all :-)
I'm not going to write much more, because the more I think, the more it gets to me. But, he is definitely one reason in which I have to recover. I have to make him proud.
I still love him so much 

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He would be proud of you.
I hope the rest of today you stay at peace.
It's okay to grieve, just don't let it overwhelm you dear. Be with people, talk with people, find a place of solitude -whatever you need.
Much love and hugs xx

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