Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Blogmas day 11: Clothes Show Live!

So, today I went to the Clothes Show! Got up at 7am (which is flippin' early for me!) and me and my Mum were there by 9am. We had platinum tickets so had a free goody bag and were right at the front, for the catwalk show. I really did love it - I mean, hot men in underwear.. who wouldn't?! But, I was actually taken aback by how thin some of the models were! Some were thinner than me, and it saddens me that this is what people are now aspiring too (I know it's not news as such, I've just never seen a model in real life!).
I took some photos on my phone - sorry the quality is terrible!

I spent a bit of cash too, as ya do! I got a goody bag from Cosmo/Company, Barry M and Rimmel, and then a t-shirt with Banksy artwork on it, and I got a jacket from Paul's Boutique.. from £120 to £35! I couldn't resist ;)
Got all of this for £15 :-)
Finished the day with a KFC. This is going to sound like nothing but it's the first takeaway I've had for months so I am proud!


Tanya Beetham said...

I am glad you had fun at the clothes show :) Although I am not sure that the entire population do aspire to be models.. x

whatiknownow said...

Oh, I know that. It was just sad to see everyone around me admiring this one model (in particular) who was clearly severely underweight :( x


Oh I've never been, men in underwear...why haven't I!? ;]
Sounds like you had a great time. Simple things as takeaway can be such a big thing, well done on it!
Much love my dear xx

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